Guitar music has a long, mysterious, and controversial heritage. Since its origins, stretching back millennia into the depths of the Roman Empire and possibly earlier, the guitar and its predecessors (lutes, ouds, pipas, etc) have played an important role in the music of various cultures of the world with styles ranging from folk music to art music. The 20th century saw a rise in the popularity of guitar music in live concerts as well as on recordings due to the convergence of the industrial revolution, technological developments in media, and through the artistry of players such as Andres Segovia, Eddie Lang, Lonnie Johnson and a few others starting in the 1920s. And although guitar music was never identified with any one particular style of music, there has been continuous wide-spread interest in it especially in jazz, blues, classical, and folk styles. Today, the world of guitar music occupies a small yet increasingly popular niche: its players sophisticated, artistic, and musical. Here at Eastern Woods * Music Publishing our goal is to provide you with sheet music and books from some of the fine contemporary musicians that are keeping the guitar tradition alive.

  Eastern Woods * Music Publishing is a unique, independent music publishing company in that we offer a limited number of artists and have artistry, not commercialism, as our motivation for having the business. We started in 1999 with offices located in Easton, Massachusetts USA. Initially starting with just one guitarist, we have grown to publish the music of several musicians - specializing in guitar music: often solo, acoustic, and fingerstyle - and we provide a web site for retail sales of the exclusive high quality sheet music, books, and other merchandise that we offer, direct to the buyer. You cannot purchase these anywhere else on the web or in stores, and payment through our shopping cart will let you purchase your items through PayPal or with your credit card.

  We also have a "sister company," Eastern Woods Music * EWM Records, that handles administrative tasks associated with the music of our founder, Peter Janson. Through his website you can purchase his CDs, concert tickets, and other merchandise. They also provides his tour support, wholesale music distribution to brick-and-mortar retail stores, links to larger brand name distribution outlets (Music Design and New Leaf) that provide his CDs, and links to other brand name outlets (such as iTunes, Amazon.com, and CD-Baby) for CDs and/or digital downloads. Please check it out at Eastern Woods Music * EWM Records. Our affiliations include: AFM Local 1000 Travelling Musicians Union ~ ASCAP ~ BMI ~ Sound Exchange ~ NARAS (Grammy Awards) ~ GS1/UCC ~ Shelly Bay Music ~ Getty Images ~ Gopher Productions Canada ~ Groove House Records ~ Independent Mastering Nashville ~ Music Design/NewSound Distribution ~ New Leaf Distributing ~ Oasis CD Manufacturing ~ Orange Music Singapore ~ THETA Music Sweden ~ and a wide range of individual music professionals.

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    Our sheet music, books, and other merchandise have an easy-to-do-business-with guarantee: If it's defective we'll replace it - free (including shipping). If you hate it we'll take it back and issue a full credit or refund on the sheet music, books, or other merchandise (but not on the shipping), and, we cannot accept returns on tee shirts or hats that have been worn.